Mount Pleasant voters elect Craig as their next mayor

Voters in Mount Pleasant have elected their next mayor and his name is Tracy Craig.

Last month Craig and Thomas Ratliff were virtually tied for the top two seats in a three-man race which also included Cory Amerson. This time around Craig garnered 674 or 65.44 percent of the 1,030 early and absentee votes to take a sizable lead over Ratliff who received 356 votes, or 34.56 percent.

From there, the two candidates split Election Day votes the following way:

Craig captured an additional 179 votes to finish with a total of 853 votes or 65.72 percent. Ratliff received an additional 89 votes to finish the race with 445 votes or 34.28 percent.

“I just want to say thank you to the city of Mount Pleasant and to those on the front line supporting me,” Craig said moments after hearing the news. “To all of the voters who came out to support me, you are so much appreciated.”

Ratliff offered congratulatory words to his opponent moments after the final results were tallied.

“I want to congratulate Tracy on a great victory,” Ratliff said. “I am proud for him and for Mount Pleasant. It’s a great new chapter for the City and certainly a history-making one to have elected Mount Pleasant’s first black mayor. I wish him well and am proud of the race we ran.”

After the votes are canvassed at the June 18 City Council meeting, Craig will be sworn in to succeed Dr. Paul Meriwether.