Titus County man arrested after threating to kill local officials

Several elected officials are undoubtedly breathing a sigh of relief after deputies for the Titus County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) arrested a man who threatened to kill them.

On Feb. 23, Robert Stephen Garrison, 53, allegedly called a local newspaper and made threats to kill multiple Titus County elected officials. Garrison, a Titus County resident, had previously made similar threats online. In fact, almost three years ago to the day, Garrison was arrested on a similar charge for terroristic threat causing fear or imminent SBI (severe bodily injury).

After receiving information about the suspect’s latest threats, deputies executed a search and arrest warrant in the 1300 block of CR 2720. There they located Garrison at a property in the southwestern part of the county. The warrant, issued by a magistrate, authorized deputies to not only arrest Garrison but also search the property. Arrested without incident Feb. 24, deputies also discovered several firearms on the property where they located Garrison.

Because of past threats and current concerns for safety, the TCSO assigned its Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), or drone, to provide aerial reconnaissance of the property in an effort to alert deputies of any potential dangers prior to entry.

Garrison is currently in custody in the Titus County Jail awaiting bond for two state jail felony charges of Terroristic Threat to a Peace Officer or Judge.