Pressin’ On June/July 2017

Harold Nix has been on my bucket list for several years and he didn’t even know it.

Yes,  I have a revised list of both personal and professional goals that I’ve toted around since I turned 40. It coincides with when my career path took a sharp turn several years ago and I found myself at an important crossroad.

And on this list are several local, influential legends I have wanted to interview over the years. The Tri-County Press, a weekly newspaper, was my first print venture (don’t be surprised if you see it again someday). My second publication (completely in Spanish), now called La Voz, will, without question, return soon. I just had to hit the pause button on the other two publications and get Impress launched (yippee, we just finished our first 3-month cycle!).

While I enjoyed publishing The Tri-County Press, the weekly deadlines were grueling for this one-woman show and didn’t allow for time or space to consider such in-depth, feature stories as with Mr. Nix. All along, I knew I wanted to do something that eventually had the potential to parlay into a regional magazine (OK, now I’m really letting you in on the scoop!) and Impress is just such a vehicle. I sometimes say The Tri-County Press simply gave birth to what you’re reading at this very moment.

OK, back to this list. Included in it are also some very famous people I’d like to someday interview like, oh I don’t know, Oprah (hey, a girl can dream can’t she?!)! In the meantime, I want to occasionally focus on a few locals who have made a huge impact on our community and Harold Wayne Nix certainly fits the bill.

He lived up to every expectation I had for him. Gracious and gentlemanly, my first interview session, after I shared a cup of tea with him, lasted three hours! I literally sat down in his office, asked one question (I don’t even remember what that first question was now) and he proceeded to pour out this life story that deserves to be turned into a memoir and then made into a movie.  He reminisced and I wrote. It was magical.

I made two more trips to see him after that initial visit and each time he treated me exactly the same as the first. In fact, he’s now invited my whole family to visit him. I plan to take him up on that invitation, but in the meantime, take off your shoes, get a bag of popcorn and prepare to peer into the life of a truly humble, Daingerfield-through-and-through, living legend.