Police continue search for graffiti perpetrator

One week later, the Mount Pleasant Police Department is still in search for a suspect believed to be responsible for spraying graffiti on multiple local buildings.

   Officers responded to multiple reports of graffiti being sprayed on various buildings in Mount Pleasant on Jan. 7. Photos taken of the suspect and a vehicle show one person, possibly a Hispanic or white male, wearing a blue long sleeve shirt, gray jogger pants and black shoes with soles. The suspect’s vehicle is a white Hyundai Sonata.

   The suspect seen on video and another unidentified person went to multiple locations spray painting a cursive letter “L” on walls. Sandlin Motors Body Shop, Jo’s, Eastside Grocery and Mount Pleasant High School were among the locations spray painted.

Please contact the Mount Pleasant Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 903-575-4193 for information on the identification of the suspect(s) connected to this case.