College board of trustees approves multi-phase roof repairs

By Marlene Bohr

Press Correspondent

Proposals were reviewed regarding roofing on two of the college buildings at the March 27 meeting of the Northeast Texas Community College board of trustees. After reviewing the proposal, a recommendation was made to move forward with a bid from Hefner Roofing for the most critical projects in the amount of $250,000.

As required by state law, NTCC hired the service of the engineering firm Armko Inc. to develop roofing specs for the University Health Science room and the Whatley Center for the Performing Arts roof. A request for proposals was developed breaking the project into three separate phases that included:

  1. UHS Roof – an overlay of a new roofing system over the existing structure
  2. Whatley Center Standing Seam Roof (the tall sloping part over the foyer and auditorium) – project includes removing all existing standing seam metal, membrane, and other materials to provide new substrate, underlayment, standing seam metal room system, metal wall panels, and metal coping along top of existing parapets.
  3. Whatley Center Low Slope (flat) Roofs (the classroom area at the back of the building) – This project includes removing all existing roofing materials down to deck and installing a new roofing system.

Items 1 and 2 were considered to be the most critical; therefore, item 3 was considered to be less critical, and has been placed on hold for now.

Due to the recent hail storm March 10, all roofs on the campus were to be evaluated March 28 for hail damage. Based on the outcome of the insurance claim, more repairs and replacement proposals may be brought to the board for consideration in the near future.

The board also met April 3 for a workshop discussion with no action to be taken.