Camp County burglar arrested after crossing county line

“At approximately 1:55 a.m. on Jan. 2., Deputy John Short was dispatched to a liquor store located on Highway 11 West in Newsome in reference to an alarm call,” Chief Deputy Chris Clark said. “The call came in after the front entrance door alarm was activated.”

   When Deputy Short arrived, he found bottles and broken glass littering the parking area and the key-locking mechanism removed from the door. Broken liquor bottles were also on the floor inside the store.

   Investigator Calvin Lamont was called to the scene as well as the store manager.

“Dispatch was notified to contact Franklin, Wood and Hopkins Counties to have them check their outlying liquor stores for any suspicious vehicles or activity,” Chief Deputy Clark said. “It was quickly determined that the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department had just arrested a male subject that was breaking into a store in their county, along with a female who was driving the vehicle. In his possession was a metal crowbar, several liquor bottles and several rolls of coins.”

Investigator Lamont proceeded on to Hopkins County to meet with their officers in reference to the arrest.

   “A mask had been recovered that matched what the suspect we observed on the Newsome liquor store’s video surveillance cameras was wearing,” Chief Deputy Clark said. “Also recovered were cigars and liquor bottles that were positively identified as being taken in the Camp County burglary.”

   A follow-up investigation determined this suspect, and the one who was driving the car, had been involved in one or more burglaries in Hopkins County in the past few weeks. Both are from the Dallas area.

   Chief Deputy Clark indicated the case will be turned over to the District Attorney and warrants will be issued for both suspects for burglary of a building.