MPHS UIL Academic Team takes top place at meet

    The Mount Pleasant High School UIL Academic Team did it again beating out 33 other schools to take first place in the recent MPHS-hosted UIL Academic Meet.  MPHS earned 477 points beating rival Sulphur Springs by 170 points.
The MPHS Current Events, Journalism and Spelling Teams took first place. Thirty-two students brought home medals. Five students earned four medals, five earned three, four earned two medals. 

The medals were earned in multiple contests: Two students earned medals in two separate contests while three earned medals in three separate contests and four earned medals in four separate contests.
“The results of this meet show how versatile our students are,” said Dr. Judith Saxton, MPISD Director of Communications. “At last year’s MPHS Meet we had 18 students earn medals. This year we almost doubled that number. Last year five students earned multiple medals. This year 14 students earned multiple medals. We are so proud of these students and how hard they are working. We look forward to how they will perform at the meets leading up to district on March 23 and 24.”
Students receiving individual medals in the following contests include:
Luke Scoggin 3rd place, Josh Menhennett 6th place
Calculator Applications
9th Grade: Patricia Roque 1st place
10th Grade: Sam Pearson 1st place, Grace Whitten 2nd place, Connor Brison 4th place
11th Grade: Jose Liera 1st place, David Barboza 2nd place, Israel Hernandez 3rd place, Sammy Poudel 5th place
12th Grade: Pornphiphat Saiboonchan 1st place, Sanum Shahid 2nd place, Nathon Segovia 3rd place
Overall: Jose Liera 1st place, David Barboza 2nd place, Pornphiphat Saiboonchan 3rd place, Sanum Shahid 4th place, Patricia Roque and Israel Hernandez Tied for 5th place
Computer Applications:
Joshua Menhennett 3rd place
Current Events (1st First Place Team)
Audrey Courreges 1st place, Javier Martinez 2nd place, Enrique Martinez 3rd place, Addison Hunter 5th place
Journalism (1st Place Team)
Copy Editing: Matthew Armstrong 3rd place, Rebecca Yox 5th place
Editorial Writing: Matthew Armstrong 2nd place, Eric Vazquez 3rd place; Rebecca Yox 5th place, Harper Davis 6th place
Feature Writing: Harper Davis 3rd place, Rebecca Yox 4th place; Abby Sneed 5th place
Headlines: Matthew Armstrong 1st place, Abby Sneed 2nd place, Rebecca Yox 6th place
News Writing: Matthew Armstrong 3rd place, Harper Davis 5th place, Eric Vazquez 6th place
9th grade: Miguel Segura 2nd place
10th grade: Shelby Courreges 1st place, Sam Pearson 3rd place
11th grade: Jose Liera 1st place, David Barboza 2nd place, Sammy Poudel 4thplace 12th grade: Pornphiphat Saiboonchan 1stplace, Nathon Segovia 2nd place, Orlando Olivares 4th place
Overall: Jose Liera 1st place, Pornphiphat Saiboonchan 2nd place, David Barboza 3rd place, Nathon Segovia 4th place, Shelby Courreges 5th place
Number Sense
9th grade: Miguel Segura 2nd place
10th grade: Brooke Vaughn 4th place
11th grade: Jose Liera 2nd place, Andrea Beles 6th place
12th grade: Nathon Segovia and Pornphiphat Saiboonchan Tied for 3rd place, Sanum Shahid 6th place
Overall: Jose Liera 6th place
9th Grade: Miguel Seura 2nd place, Brock Shavers 3rd place
11th Grade: Jose Liera 1st place, Johnathan Segari 2nd place, Sammy Poudel 3rd place, David Barboza 4th place
12th Grade: Nathon Segovia 1st place, Pornphiphat Saiboonchan 2nd place, Sanum Shahid 3rd place
Spelling (1st Place Team)
Rocio Hernandez 1st place, Annie Le 2nd place, Itzamari Vargas 4th place
The next meet for the MPHS UIL Academic Team is at Hallsville High School Feb. 9-10.