Mount Pleasant students selected as class leaders

The student body of Mount Pleasant High School has elected Class Officers for the 2018-2019 school year.

The Senior class officers are President Ja’Quacy Minter, Vice-President Aslin Barrientos, Secretary Blanca Antolin, and Treasurer Tripp Hinton.

Leading the Junior class are President John Rodriguez, Vice-President Jacqueline Juarez, Secretary Caroline Rose, and Treasurer Daisy Ayala.

Officers for the Sophomore class are President Faith Logan, Vice-President Leslie Espinoza, Secretary Valeria Moreno, and Treasurer Sashi Poudel.

And Freshman class officers include President Connelly Cowan, Vice-President Leslie Moreno, and Secretary Beth Lockett.

Officers include (l-r) Front Row:  Beth Lockett, Connelly Cowan, Leslie Moreno; 2nd Row:  Faith Logan, Leslie Espinoza, Valeria Moreno, Sashi Poudel; 3rd Row:  John Rodriguez, Jacqueline Juarez, Daisy Ayala, Caroline Rose; Back  Row:  Blanca Antolin, Aslin Barrientos, Ja’Quacy Minter, Tripp Hinton