NTCC Honors present at state Webb Society

Scholars of Honors Northeast, connected with last summer’s film project on Bo Pilgrim, recently submitted a video for the 46th Fall meeting of the State of Texas Webb Society, held Nov. 13 via Zoom. The Webb Society is the collegiate auxiliary of the Texas State Historical Association, and is comprised of both university and community college chapters.

   The report of the NTCC chapter is now available to the public at https://youtu.be/aX0RiSM5JSw

   Each member of the NTCC team discussed their role in the overarching project concerning perhaps the most noteworthy entrepreneur in the history of Northeast Texas.  Cade Bennett, from Naples, who will star in the film to be premiered this February as Bo Pilgrim, noted how completing the film answered many questions he had had since his youth, aware of the influence of the chicken magnate in our region.

   Israel Perez, from Mount Pleasant, who is writing an essay on Pilgrim, noted how he was unique among American CEOs in merging his role as a Christian evangelist with an inordinate ambition to be number one.   

   John Rodriguez, from Mount Pleasant, explained the role of Hispanic Quietism is providing a “massive manual powerhouse” to support Pilgrim’s ambitions.  Hilda Rodriguez, who interviewed Pilgrim workers for the film, noted the importance of Domestic Quietism. 

   Aaliyah Avellaneda, who has interviewed Texas’ former Lieutenant Governor, Bill Ratliff, detailed his opposition to Pilgrim’s expansion.  Carolina Alcocer-Salas commented on her role as a film cinematographer, and the filming process.  Brian Ramirez, from Mount Pleasant, the film producer discussed how the film was edited and directed.

   Andrea Reyes, PTK and Honors Coordinator discussed how the honors films have served to integrate and inaugurate students into the honors program each summer.  Dr. Andrew Yox, Honors Director, introduced the presentation, referring to the Caldwell-winning work of NTCC’s Katelyn Lester on the society’s eponymous namesake, historian Walter Prescott Webb.