Naples woman receives 20-year prison sentence

By Marlene Bohr

Impress Contributor

Joyce Cobbins, 57, of Naples, was re-arrested Feb. 8, and put in the Morris County Jail. She will begin serving her 20-year jail sentence, according to Sheriff Jack Martin.

Cobbins was found guilty of theft with previous convictions by a Morris County jury on Oct. 31, 2017.

“After the jury handed down the guilty verdict, they took a break,” Martin said. “During that break, Cobbins left the courthouse before the sentence could be given. The jury then assessed her punishment at 20 years.

“We received information that she was at a residence on Coffey Street in Daingerfield. Daingerfield Police Chief Tracey Climer, along with deputies Hershel Stroman and Ken Thomas, arrested Cobbins and brought her back to jail.”

Cobbins also has outstanding warrants in Cass County.