City of Mount Pleasant announces employee awards

   The City of Mount Pleasant recently announced the Employee of the Year and the Cornerstone Award for 2018. Nominated and selected by fellow employees, Sophia Robles of the Building Maintenance Department was named the 2018 City of Mount Pleasant Employee of the Year.

  “Statements made by Sophia’s co-workers in the nominations show that Sophia is well deserving of this award,” explained City Manager Mike Ahrens at the annual City Appreciation Luncheon. “In Sophia’s nomination, it was stated that Sophia encourages others and is always positive, takes pride in her work, takes initiative, is always looking for more things to do and is great with people.”

   Selected by the City Manager each year, Fire Captain Craig Eudy received the 2018 Cornerstone Award.

   “This award recognizes those to be considered the backbone of the City,” Ahrens said. “Craig was elected by his peers in 2016 as the first President of the Professional Firefighters of Mount Pleasant Association and still serves in that position.  Craig has spent considerable personal time and effort in effectively advocating for his Association members, his department and for the City.  It has been a joy working with Craig as we have worked together to achieve common goals,” Ahrens said.